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The undoing of saint Silvanus - Beth Moore

por Tyndale
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The Undoing of Saint Silvanus is the first fiction book by the well-known American evangelist author Beth Moore.

Located in New Orléans, Saint Silvanus was originally built during the 1800s as a church and was later converted to an apartment complex now run by Jillian's estranged grandmother. While in town attending her father's funeral, she meets an eclectic group of tenants from the building. As strange things begin happening, she finds out her father was actually murdered. When relics from the building appear in new places, she considers that the building could be cursed. Now she can't leave until she finds out what is really going on.

Tapa: Dura

Páginas: 480

Tamaño: 16,5 x 23,1 x 4,3 cm