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The Message Prayerful Reading Bible: Jeremiah & Lamentations

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Slow Down and Connect with God

This special edition of The Message Bible takes you into the world of the God's Word with the ancient Christian practice of sacred reading - a devotional form of reading that would seem very foreign to a modern audience that has a supercomputer in every pocket and access to food that is steps away at all times.

The Message Prayerful Reading Bible highlights the stories of two selected book of the Bible and, while providing the biblical text of those books in the modern translation The Message Bible is known for, this volume also provides guided questions and journaling space to deepen your spiritual reflection. You'll discover the challenges that you face every day, although dressed in contemporary technologies and cultures, are not all that dissimilar from the ones that God's chosen people in history had to endure and overcome. Be encouraged by this prompted reflection and gain a new and refined experience of the stories that God has chosen to preserve for us to read and prayerfully consider.

Guided Lectio Divina:

Stop: Take a moment to stop and prepare to encounter God.
Read: Do a first reading and make observations of the text.
Ponder: Read the text again and meditate on its meaning.
Pray: Begin a conversation with God about this Scripture.
Reflect: Take note of what this time with God has brought to the surface for you.
Live: Consider how this time with God translates into our life with God.

The Message Bible text of two books of the Bible
Journaling space and dedicated pages
Questions for guided reflection
Double column format
8 point type


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